What to do when your Pride is Injured/How to Psychologically Abuse Someone

Over the course of the past few years, I’ve had the chance to learn quite a bit about dehumanizing people and psychological abuse. This is from dealing with my stalker or whoever he has handed the reins to. I actually have never spent much time harassing people, trying to harass them, and I’ve never been great at breaking the law. However, I’ve gained some expertise in this realm which I’d very much like to share.

Please pardon my sarcasm and laughing emojis below. I’m trying to not take this so seriously– I’ve only recently been able to see the humor in all of this, and I have to just laugh about how bizarre it is. If I take it personally, it benefits no one. If I laugh about it, it just makes my life easier.

At this point, I really feel that spreading awareness is important. Everyone I talk to says it’s healthy and valuable to talk about it, so I’m going to share a little bit about my life and what I have learned about being on the receiving end of psychological abuse. Talking through this and sharing it with others has given me peace of mind. It is absolutely cathartic and I recommend it to anyone who has been on the receiving end of this. Use your voice. In the words of John Mayer, say what you need to say.

Although I will not say the name of this individual here, I’m sure if you know him, you know exactly who this article is about (it’s not the 45th potus).

There are many silver linings to this situation. One of them is that my little sister has started giving me good advice on how to deal with bullies. She has Downs, and although most people are incredibly polite and kind to her, she has unfortunately dealt with bullying. So she gives me advice and I take it from someone who knows a thing or two.

Here are a few things I have learned, from the time this individual and I quit texting.

  1. If you don’t like the way Shannon looks, pay girls who look the way you would like for her to look to follow her around. For example, if you think Shannon needs to lose weight– have girls follow her around who weigh the amount that you would like for Shannon to weigh. If you don’t really like the fact that Shannon likes to keep her hair shoulder-length, pay a girl who has the hair you would prefer for Shannon to have to follow her around. It’s a way to taunt her without actually being present or insulting her to her face. It establishes your authority over her and hopefully she will begin to share your opinion that she is overweight and unattractive (not happening 😂). If you don’t really like the skincare routine she does, see if you can get your employees to befriend her to suggest something you would prefer watching (or– maybe don’t film her in the bathroom……? Just a thought) If you don’t really like Shannon’s posture, have a hunchback follow her around as a bit of a threat to her (you might have to fly this woman in). Shannon will certainly become terrified that she will turn out like this woman. ( As an aside, I have no intention of following people around, I don’t really like threats or scare tactics and I’m not corrupt, so I don’t see myself turning out like this one hunchback woman who he’s had following me around in both CA and Michigan 😂).

2. Since it’s hard to know when and where Shannon will be, get a geolocation tracker into her car and phone. Then, pay a group of women or men to take different ‘shifts’ in areas where you know Shannon frequents — say the gym or campus. Make sure there are always people there to be your eyes and ears and ‘gather information’ for you so you can seamlessly have your employees mimic, taunt, and harass her. Remember it’s very hard to psychologically abuse someone without the details really sorted out. Think through every possible scenario and take the time to anticipate behaviors with the individuals you have hired.. Hiring people to harass her accomplishes a few things — First, it shows you’re a tool. Second, it’s a great use of your time if you have exhausted all of your other victims/imaginary girlfriends. Thirdly, it shows just how committed and loyal you are to her. And fourthly, it totally increases your likelihood of hooking up with this girl. Shannon will totally seek you out and respect you if you do this.

3. Pay your employees just the amount they need. No need to go above 4 digits if they are not expecting 5 or 6. College students will sometimes take 3 but professionals often require 5, 6, or even 7. Sometimes you can pay a frat or sorority collectively. Weigh these options out. If an employee turns out to be talented, offer them a full-time contract.

4. Make sure you have wireless cameras and earpieces set up. You can talk into your employees earpieces and tell them exactly when to start talking or walking so that your employees will directly cross paths with your victim/imaginary girlfriend. It’s very hard to control and psychologically abuse someone if you can’t give immediate instructions to get in their direct line of sight; but more importantly if someone with a non-technical background picks up on your wireless camera’s and scripted earpieces- or even becomes aware of this possibility, it’s super easy to gaslight them(or try😂). Almost no honest people will believe her story or have the means to discover it, and no one will be with your victim/imaginary girlfriend long enough to pick up on the full extent of this the way your victim does. If there’s an audience when your employees are asked to stop following her from her car to campus or bathroom, ensure that your employee starts crying. This will help gain sympathy from the audience and more importantly — when the victim asks for some space or privacy, it makes her look like a bully. Use threats. Make fun of her in the bathroom so that she feels uncomfortable there. Dehumanize her. Gaslight her. Also consider giving your employees a script to tell her she should be institutionalized. 😂 All women who have been stalked by corrupt guys they don’t want to date and filmed without their consent should be institutionalized, yes?

5. When your victim/imaginary girlfriend is taking a test, make sure your employees are ready to distract, intimidate, or bully her. Consistently intimidate her. Criticize literally everything she does. Mimic her when she is sick. Do not let her establish trust or a reputation as an intelligent individual. Encourage her to shut down her social media. Cut out anything that makes her look credible, thoughtful, hard-working, competent, hilarious, loving, gorgeous, etc. Broadcast her mistakes; sneer at her talent; relish in the punishment that you dole out to her for her disobedience.

6. Get her into therapy and record her sessions. It is very, very difficult to psychologically abuse someone if you don’t know their insecurities, their plans, who they are dating, etc. The best way to do this is in therapy. Therapy recordings are a goldmine of information and so it’s imperative that you get her to go there. You can use information from these recordings to guide your employees to make her feel bad about whatever it is that is on her mind, to flatter her into certain behaviors, etc. In conjunction with mirroring her text messages, this can help you to intercept her from her friends, significant others, and people who are starting to believe her.

7. Broadcast recordings of her and take things out of context. Edit your content to whatever sounds offensive or stupid and make sure other unknowing and relatively honest people know about it. This gives you more people to mobilize and you won’t even need to pay them.

8. Take a page out of Jeff Epstein’s book and go to the police first. Find the thumbscrew, the compromised guy, and make sure he has some influence over others in the department. Again, if you don’t have the police on your side, it’s much harder to get away with this stuff. Befriend them early and often. Make sure they protect you.

9. Sing songs about her. Fantasize about her. Hallucinate about her. Show up in her backyard. Show up at her work. Bring girls you are hooking up with. Bring your mom. Make sure she knows that if she were to date you, she would have access to all the money that you steal from others. Make sure she knows that her ‘status’ would improve dramatically if she would just give you the respect you deserve. She could have that opportunity if she would just lose weight and shut up about how dishonest and abusive you are.

10. Some of your employees will be comfortable working together. They can text and share details, her location and sit down wherever she’s eating to listen to her conversations. Teamwork makes the dreamwork and it’s a great social currency. Do not, however, let these individuals know that the real reason you are upset with this girl is because she ‘disobeyed’ you 4.5 years ago. Employees may change their minds if they’re decent people or know your true motives. Let them think they’re the first ones.

11. Film her intimate relationships and also when she’s doing yoga! This is just for personal enjoyment.

12. After all your hard work pays off, hook up with the woman of your dreams!


Thanks for reading. Hope you never have to deal with this. ♥️♥️♥️

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