My current buddy This picture was taken before Coronavirus.

Do you remember your elementary school buddy? Mine was Paul Sorenson. I lived to see him! He came to read to me in first grade. I liked to call out his name and wave at him when we passed in the halls.

One thing that really bothers me in all of this COVID mess is thinking about little kids in poverty, who are being dumped on the computer or smartphone in a ‘virtual classroom’. They are likely one of 30 kids in a class, and this year might be even more difficult and boring than usual for them. It’s hard enough to live in poverty, but it’s almost impossible to learn to read when you’re at home without books, your parents, or a teacher to sit next to and read with.

If you have an older student at your house this year, think about reaching out to an early elementary school teacher to set up a virtual buddy. You can do a google meet or Zoom and practice sounding out words, tell stories, or learn about dinosaurs and outer space. You can also just talk and be friends, so your buddy isn’t alone all day. 🙂

Here is a link to a KQED wildlife series, if your learners like small animals.

Here are a few more intriguing youtube videos:

TED-Ed: What makes muscles grow?

Brainscoop: Why did King Tut have a flat head?

TED-Ed: Why is sitting bad for you?

TED-Ed: Why are some people left-handed?

TED-Ed: Is it bad to hold your pee?

and TED-Ed: What would happen if you didn’t sleep?

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