I moved to Michigan!

I just arrived at the University of Michigan! And have been moving in and collecting free furniture around town. My trip was exciting- I had all of my earthly possession in my little wagon and drove on 1-80 from Utah to Ann Arbor. Most of the middle of the country looks the same, but there are parts of it that are so photogenic and picturesque.

I’ve driven cross country a few times before, but I’ve never taken a road trip on my own, so I’m feeling proud of myself. On my trip, I didn’t stop to eat, and I don’t recommend that. When I needed to refill gas, I would get some nuts or a bar, but I went about three days without eating one solitary vegetable. Don’t do that.

I stopped in Chicago and LOVEd it. I have been so starved for any form of city life (Salt Lake doesn’t really count as a city) this past year and a half. Chicago is so alive; the traffic and parking are miserable, the pedestrians are so aggressive, and it just feels right in every way. Of course, there is any amount and type of food, the river walk is beautiful, and it didn’t hurt that my friend Chase’s apartment has an incredible view of Chicago. Anyone who lives in walking distance of the riverwalk in Chicago lives a charmed life.

I was so so sad to leave Chicago, but thankfully Ann Arbor is very beautiful and charming. Please come visit. I’ve just received the restaurant and hiking recommendations and I’m excited to try out everything. Maybe because it’s so much bigger than BYU, or maybe just because of its novelty, I am in awe of the campus. The museums, the hospital, the pretty Greek houses, and the ‘Big House’ (which seats 107k and has an incredible history. Did you know that there is a crane that was apparently swallowed up in the spring beneath the stadium? I love the folklore. Still not as cool as the dinosaur bones stored beneath BYU’s stadium). I am excited for the games, and although I don’t like all of the hitting that goes on in football, I am excited for the marching band performances πŸ€—πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚! I absolutely love live sporting events; the cheering, the lunacy, the energy.

I also love winter, but I’m intimidated by the Michigan type of winter. Last year it got to negative 50. Negative 50! I am trying to mentally and physically prepare for that. But how do you prepare for that?

I’ve got a lot of learning (and hot chocolate) ahead of me. I’m excited for all of it- wish me luck!

Go Blue! Thanks for reading.

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