Why not? & Self Expression

I recently went to a discussion group where individuals were discussing the why of their brand. I’m sort of reluctant to share this, because I don’t necessarily want to be a brand or anything like that, but I do really value the new world of self-expression that is available online and I enjoy chatting with creatives and content creators.

Around this discussion of the why behind online content, I kept coming back to a quote from Jeff Bezos that has always made sense to me:

The common question that gets asked in business is, ‘why?’ That’s a good question, but an equally valid question is ‘why not?’

That is my why for a lot of things.

That statement likely would not make a great college admissions essay and I doubt that was Bezos’ pitch to early venture capitalists 😜. But I don’t think it’s a cop-out; It’s a good enough reason to start any sort of passion project or medium of self expression.

Which leads to my other why, which is self expression.

Expressing yourself is the best, and you should totally do it. It’s like thinking; it’s hard to stop and it’s cool and fun and when you think up weird things with some boldness, it’s called ‘art’.

There’s a book out called Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, and as I understand it’s a guide to becoming more creative. In my mind, this is sort of silly. You don’t have to read a book that tells you how to be creative to become creative. Save yourself some time and money.

Here is how you become creative in 2019: Write a blog. Create content and then you will magically be creative.

It’s super simple. Alternately, instagram.

I think this self expression stuff is just as good as eating or taking a walk, and it’s definitely as good as working for a real paycheck.

Self expression is healthy for everyone, but I specifically crave the chance to give and receive encouragement. I love rooting for people and at this point in history, I think it’s especially important to elevate other female professionals who are pursuing their dreams. I love encouraging individuals and sharing valuable information, and I feel that it’s a responsibility to pay forward the kind words and encouragement I’ve received through the years. And that’s one of my goals in writing as well.

So that’s my why statement, which is actually more of a why not? statement. Thank you for reading! Go ahead and do the thing, perhaps even without a clear ‘why’.


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