Why not? & Self Expression

I recently went to a discussion group where individuals were discussing the why of their brand. I’m sort of reluctant to share this, because I don’t necessarily consider this site to be a brand, but I do really value the new world of self-expression that is available online and I like to share with creatives and content creators.

Around this discussion of the why behind online content, I kept coming back to a quote from Jeff Bezos that has always made sense to me:

The common question that gets asked in business is, ‘why?’ That’s a good question, but an equally valid question is ‘why not?’

I doubt that was Bezos’ pitch to early venture capitalists 😜. But they’re valid questions: Who cares? – So what? – Why not? –

But there’s another piece of writing, which is simply telling your story and expressing yourself, sharing your own voice, and narrative and perspective.

Here’s the thing: I am an artist. I like art, I like words, I like making things, and I like really weird things. Buuuuut, I come from a very practical family. Like, growing up, although I practiced piano for hours each day and loved it more than anything, I definitely was not allowed to major in piano in college. The philosophy in our family is that art is a nice hobby on the side, but it’s not a like a job job. I’ve always devoured the newspaper and for a while I wanted to be a print journalist, but again, that’s not practical. And so I’ve studied and hustled for forever, but now, while I’m studying and hustling even more and even more intensely, I just absolutely need an outlet to create and to share. I’m not smothering my artsy instincts anymore.

For me, writing, playing piano, making art- they are just as good as eating or taking a walk. Some people drink to unwind; Not me 🤓- I go Jackson Pollack and make something weird. Thankfully, being weird is now deemed “self expression”, and you can monetize it.

More than anything, though, I really crave the chance to give and receive encouragement. I love rooting for people and at this point in history, I think it’s especially important to elevate other female professionals who are pursuing their dreams. I love encouraging individuals and sharing valuable information. I feel that it’s a responsibility to pay forward the kind words and encouragement I’ve received through the years, and that’s one of my goals in writing as well.

So thank you for reading! Be an artist and do the thing.


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