Last Batch of Palo Alto Pictures

This is the last of my Northern California nostalgia series. Northern California is a lovely place, full of redwood trees, good food, two mafia organizations, and basically everything else you could possibly dream of.

Above, I’m at Big Basin camp with two darling students. This was the funnest week, when we cooked and went hiking and did arts and crafts and (friendly) pranks. On this particular week the leaders stayed up much later than the students, talking and getting ridiculous giddy punch drunk 🤪.

Our majestic campsite. Our ‘palace’ is on the right.

This is a picture of my brothers Paul and Douglas. They’re twins. Douglas came to visit us from Atlanta and so Paul took us out to eat at Google. Paul does front end for google maps, so think of him anytime you arrive somewhere safely (or get lost) because of google maps.

Pretty palm trees.

My friend Shelly and I took a day trip to the beach. This is Stinson Beach.

I am recently lactose intolerant, so now instead of eating ice cream, I take pictures of other people’s ice cream cones. 😦

There is nothing better than the beach. Nothing, nothing, nothing.

I have gone back to California a few times to watch the Galbraith family. They have eight kids! And if you think you don’t want eight kids, you may rethink that decision after meeting the Galbraiths. They are the funniest, smartest, bestest little humans.

Swimming time.

Wearing a helmet to make a nutella sandwich.

Joyful because she got to wear mom’s heels.

Joyful for no reason.

I took her to the wrong soccer practice and she did not complain or correct me.

All set for basketball practice!! #badmom #warmups

One of the best things about a huge family is that on Friday nights, the older siblings’ friends like to come over and play with the little kids:

We played a lot of M.A.S.H.. This lady is going to work as a mail carrier, ride a goat, and marry Diju (pictured). Also, have 3,100 tv’s in her house.

I hope my love for Northern California has rubbed off on you, at least a little.

Have a fabulous rest of your weekend.

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