The San Francisco Bae Part 4

Here are a handful more pictures of San Francisco! I’ve got a video and one more batch of pictures after this one.

This is the Fort Mason Marina. East of this there is Fort Mason Center, which holds lots of conferences inside and food truck gatherings outside. There’s also great overlook of the bay, east and above the asphalt.

This is third street in Dogpatch, (Moshi Moshi is on the bottom left,for sushi lovers). and this is what a lot of Dogpatch looks like. Historically, the neighborhood has been a hub for industry, ship repair, manufacturing, and fringe artists. Now it is becoming classier by the minute, but still feels gritty, vintage, and underdeveloped. Dogpatch is where Pier 70 is and I am so excited for what the future holds for this neighborhood.

The SF YSA ward is transient, to say the least.

AT&T Ballpark is on the left. During games, people sit in their kayaks on the bay waiting to catch fly balls. Go to a game!

On the right is the Bay Bridge, which lights up and sparkles at night. Fun fact: The Song Lights by Journey is about San Francisco.

This is up by Golden Gate park, which is massive! It is actually 20% larger than Central Park, and I’m sorry I don’t have more cool pictures of it to share.

/\/\ Mission Rock Resort, in Mission Bay.

Hope you are lovin’ on your Sunday and lovin’ on wherever you’re living.

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