Mood Foods

The absolute best deviled eggs from the Fourth.

I recently met someone who looked like she weighed about 95 pounds and introduced herself to me as a ‘food addict’. I don’t think she was joking and she was very distressed about her ‘addiction’. This prompted me to do a confused facepalm.  Are we not all food addicts?

This post is about food, so I’m crossing my fingers that some of you readers out there are ‘food addicts’ (and/or have a pulse), and that this can be of use to you. 

I like to eat foods with very specific results in mind.  When life is stressful, and I’ve got lots of work and cortisol to slice through, I’m prone to resort to eating unhealthy foods.  To avoid this, I like to head into a tough week armed with a full pantry and fridge of healthy ingredients that I know will keep me happy and churning out work.

Below I’ve gathered some mood boosting foods and recipes I love. I hope they’re helpful to you, as you continue on your ‘food addiction journey’ 😉.   

  1. Honey garlic salmon, full of omega 3 fatty acids which improves brain function and cognition. When you’ve got a lot of work to do, stock up on salmon!
  2. Breakfast frittata, eggs and leafy greens. Eggs have Vitamin B12, protein, and healthy fat in them. Vitamin B12 helps your body metabolize serotonin, which boosts your mood. Leafy greens have magnesium in them; magnesium increases serotonin levels to boost your mood. Unfortunately, about half of Americans have a magnesium deficiency. In the recipe listed, try replacing the heavy whipping cream with greek yogurt.
  3. Turmeric Ginger Coconut Drink. I really don’t like cooking with turmeric, doing turmeric face masks, or doing anything turmeric related, because it stains absolutely everything.
    But it is essential to a good diet- it contains BDNF, which helps produce new brain cells and strengthens existing ones. It is also a powerful mood booster. I haven’t tried this TJ’s drink yet, but I have read it is delicious. Here are more ways to get some more BDNF into your brain.
  4. Kale chips. I don’t really like the taste of kale, but thankfully, this recipe makes it taste like potato chips. 😊 Kale is a great source of magnesium, which keeps us humans happy. You can also add kale to smoothies.
  5. Chia seed pudding. This is one of my favorite treats and it makes me feel so good. Chia seeds make you feel good because they are full of fat, antioxidants, and they provide fiber, iron, and calcium.
  6. Nuts. Nuts make you feel good because they contain magnesium and vitamin E, which are both powerful mood boosters. They also give you natural energy, because they are full of healthy fat.

I am certainly not the first person to opine on this topic. What healthy diet hacks do you have? And how do you strategize your meals? I would love to know.

Hope you’re having a productive week.

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