Fashion is a Way of Expressing Yourself.

I love clothes.  Growing up I paid a lot of attention to clothes, mimicked my favorites (Emily Ledford and Allison Toskovich) and then eventually sort of found my own style and preferences, navigating through things I like and things I don’t. Fast forward to 2019– I have currently gone two and a half years without purchasing clothes, and I’m absurdly proud of it. 😎 I wish I could say this decision was in the name of a noble cause or waste-reducing efforts, but it’s really just out of necessity. I’m heading to grad school; turns out that’s expensive. 

Going without buying clothes has been really healthy for me. I have realized that alas, I don’t need much.  I feel like I have also stopped paying quite as much attention to them on other people. I think this is healthy progress, because clothes are fun, but they don’t matter.  It’s a conundrum- clothes are a great conversation piece and it’s always fun to give out a big sartorial compliment, but it can also distract you from getting to know someone and giving them due credit for the things that make them real people.  (In that way I sometimes think that blind people have a big advantage in life- like they are actually incapable of getting caught up in these things).   

But it’s been difficult for me, because…fashion is a way of expressing myself! and I have been hungry to find other ways to do that ever since the end of my clothes buying days. 

Here are some of the clothes I like.  I like fun clothes with weird things on them and gold sequins.  I really love a rich bright green and I can’t imagine my life without solid red clothes in it. I love red, I look amazing in it, and it is my identity. Also of interest, on the topic of clothes, I went through an unfortunate polka dot phase and I have made my fair share of poor sartorial decisions. Withhold some judgment here and I’ll do the same for you. 🙂 

Here is my pinterest board, if you’re interested.  I hope you found some inspiration in here!  Or just a quick break from work. Have a perfect 4th. ☀️🍉🍉🇺🇸

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