San Francisco Bay Part 3

Hi and welcome! How are you?!

Lest you think that I didn’t sufficiently love on and take pictures of San Francisco when I lived there, here are a few gems for you. Above is a street in the Financial District, or the ‘FiDi’, as tourists call it 🙃. The Financial District is where the TransAmerica building is, beautiful hotels, finance obviously, and the Ferry Building. I really love that part of town. It feels like Downtown New York.

Here is a picture of Russian Hill, facing west from Coit Tower. You can see a little bit of the Golden Gate bridge is in the far right corner. Pretty, right?

The Palace of Fine Arts on a beautiful day.

Eaaarly morning workouts.

Instagram lemmings 🙃. Which picture is better- an actual sunrise, or this picture of us cool millennials?

In San Francisco, the word ‘innovation’ will never go away or leave you alone.

Across the street from the Palace of Fine Arts. You can’t see it in this picture, but there is a big grand piano in that bay window on the left. Yes, please.

Just the right sized gathering. Just the right fantastic people.

This backs right up to the Palace of Fine Arts. Not too shabby.

The Conservatory of Flowers.

Thanks for reading 🥰😃, hope you’ve got a great holiday week ahead, and that your trip to the Bay is booked!

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