The Bae

Ok, so I wrote about San Francisco, but while I was in the Bay, I actually lived in Palo Alto for three of my four years.

Here are some of the things that make Palo Alto unique:

-The perfect, predictable weather: Palo Alto weather is divine year-round. Honestly, it is gorgeous.

-Driving the 280 (sidenote- I *cannot* believe the GW parkway didn’t make this list! I can’t get enough of the southern piece of that road.)

-The Palo Alto gnarlies.

-Stanford campus and sports. My mom and dad met there and I like to imagine the details of those dating days.

Bowman School , where I used to work. A really special place.

-The food at Google.

Radio Eden

-Radio Eden, funnest hacker house of all time (a hacker house is where interns in need of short term housing come and stay by the week–mostly programmers). I have never known such a genius, geeky, progressive, diverse, thoughtful, inclusive, and hilarious group of people. My people.

-Patxi’s deep dish pizza, where I used to work. The loyal customers, and the fun staff, the never ending patron stories. That’s where we watched Golden State win the 2017 championship. Hugging and high fiving favorite patrons and strangers after a Golden State win is my favorite pastime.

-University Avenue. -The year round lights on at night and pristine Palo Alto style restaurants. The sweet little man outside Walgreen’s every time. I love this street.

Ada’s, a restaurant that employs people with special needs. I will pay a lot of money there, mostly to talk to the sweet cashier.

-Magical Bridge playground, especially going there with my ridiculous middle school kids. It’s the best playground I’ve been to.

-AR/VR companies. Cool tech stores- there’s a b8ta store in downtown Palo Alto that I fell in love with.

-How there are almost no school buses in Palo Alto- everyone bikes and walks, and young kids mostly walk or bike to their friends houses. Knock on wood, Palo Alto is a safe place to raise kids. I can’t tell you how much I love seeing that.

-The gorgeous houses and landscaping in Professorville Palo Alto. Lucky me, I used to live there.

-The parks in East Palo Alto. Spikeball.

-Pools, lots of them and they are open and outdoor through most of the fall and spring because it’s warm enough.

Around the bay:

-Big Basin Campgrounds. Banana slugs.

-The beaches, especially Santa Cruz. It’s an easy day trip from Palo Alto.

-Orinda, where my mom grew up. Nation’s burgers.


-(snow) Skiing in Tahoe.

-Donner Lake. I’ve actually never been to Tahoe in the summer, but Donner Lake is less crowded.

So these are the Palo Alto things I can think of. I hope you get a chance to visit the Bay! and that you are getting ready for a good weekend.

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