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Abstract: the art of Design

Have you seen Abstract on Netflix?! I’m in love with it. So well done and inspiring.

So design is super trendy right now, partly because it’s so pervasive. It’s about function, clarity, practicality, and convenience……..and art.  And elements of that are included in pretty much everything!  


-In the interior design episode (8),  Ilse Crawford  explains that when a room is designed right, with each element in the right way, there’s a feeling of relaxation that is invisible to the person enjoying it.

She is a genius.

-In the Christoph Niemann episode (1), when he gets in an argument with the cameraman about how they’re filming…. while they’re filming.

-the part with Michael Jordan in it.

I really loved episodes 1 (illustration), 6 (graphic design & type), 7 (photography), and 8 (interior design).

Hope you love it too!

Ps. Due credit to taza’s insta feed feed from many years ago, which inspired me to be bold and shamelessly love on anything pretty (or ugly, or just plain fascinating).



Christmas Pictures


Here are my super late Christmas pictures. =D This year’s was fabulously low-key.  Christmas Eve we always go to our cousins’ house, watch the nativity, sing the Twelve Days of Christmas, and jam loudly on our dingers.   And then our Christmas day is pretty standard with a couple of family traditions.  This year we had thought about maybe not doing any presents and just relaxing, but there was a certain member of my family who was very NOT on board with that …. soo we caved and ended up getting presents for each other. That’s the way it goes, right? And there were some good gifts this year, so it’s probably a good thing. Do you like presents? Do you ever find them sort of stressful?

Anyhoo, here are some pictures of our festivities:

This year’s nativity. Starring really cute fraternal twins as Mary & Joseph :).


Christmas day post-church presents distribution.





A Pelican box, a Bosch box, and a new red tablecloth.



A new warm coat for my cute little sister. I love this person a lot.


Books & video camera tripod holders


My brother gave my mom an Alexa and an extension so that it will turn the lights on and off when you say to. My mom’s kind of obsessed with it and I think it put her on a bit of a power trip.


Dinner @ China Chilcano’s in DC. Get the tasting menu!

Thanks for reading and hope you’re having a great short week.





Harry Potter World and Thanksgiving at the Beach

This year for Thanksgiving we went to the beach with my mom’s side.  We also snuck in a day trip to Harry Potter World.  It was really fun!  Here are some pictures:



She’s the cutest








In line for the tour of the movie sets. Do you like my dad’s multiple cameras and nifty hat ?! 😀


Fearless on the playground.  She had just met Dora the Explorer at this point and was quite pleased with herself.

A live dinosaur behind us, be we aren’t scared! Also, this little man went on Jurassic Park the ride and and he wasn’t scared of that either! Although I was, slightly.  He’s a brave guy.





Bracelet turned headbands

I really like these people. It was a fun time! Apart from the flu that some of us caught.  Harry Potter World and Universal Studios were probably the highlight, as was lunch at the spot and this charming homeless man who cajoled my dad into getting lunch for him. And of course, big family dinners are always great.


Have a great weekend!






A long time ago,  I went up to Yosemite to do the Upper Falls Hike with some friends.  It was gorgeous and I would love to do it again.  Or better yet, Half Dome! We took a lot of breaks to relax and take in the scenery.  It was kind of a tough hike, but the views were spectacular.

Here are some pictures: 


These pictures make me excited for Spring…


Have a great weekend!


Practicando Español

Necesito practicar mi español escrito! Mis compañeros de trabajo hablan en español todos los días y es muy dificil comprenderles. Ellos hablan muy rápido! Y a veces, necesito decir algo sobre mis estudiantes que solo ellos (los maestros) pueden entender.  Así que estoy practicando.

Estoy sentada en mi avión en dirección a la costa Este.  Es de noche y está oscuro afuera de mi ventana, a excepción de los pequeños de luz de las ciudades que estamos sobre volando. Estoy probablamente en algún lugar sobre Tennessee.  Me encanta el invierno en la costa Este. El invierno es un poco débil y ridículo en California, pero se siente tan rico y acogedor en la costa Este.  Me encantan las casa grandes y viejas, con grandes jardines y coronas de Navidad en las puertas, velas en las ventanas, fuego en las chimeneas y mantas. Me encanta como todo el mundo tiene miedo y las escuelas cieeran cada vez que hay nieve (solo en DC tal vez). Me encanta San Francisco por un millón razones, pero el invierno y la Navidad simplamente no se sientan tan auténticas o tan encantadoras como cuando hay 50 grados afuera.  Me gusta el invierno autentico.

Por otro lado, hice algunos propósitos de Año Nuevo para 2016 e hice progresos recientamente sobre lo que respeta a la television.  Ya sé es ridiculo, pero normalmente no veo la tele.  Y la television es uno de esos puntos de conversacion que reune la gente, como lo es también la comida.  No es super polarizante o deprimente como muchos eventos actuales ahora.  Asi que por muchos años, he hecho un propósito para el año nueve de ver una temporada completa de un programa de television, y cada año, siempre lo he dejado de lado (gracias por escribiendo esto phrase, Ana! jaja).  Quiero relajarme y ver la tele, pero cada vez que empiezo, solo pienso en todas las cosas que debo hacer, asi que no veo la tele.  Pero el otro día vi un programa que me encantó.  Tal vez, puedo hacer esto.

Gracias por leerme! Y muchas gracias a Ana por ayudarme!



Gorgeous San Francisco

After my workout this morning, I had to whip out my camera and take a few pictures, because the city in October is just radiant.  No fog, no cold, just prettiness.

IMG_3765 IMG_3769 IMG_3774 FullSizeRender (17) IMG_3757 IMG_3759 IMG_3762 IMG_3765 (1)

Come visit me in my gorgeous city!