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Lighter Things: Musicals


Have you seen this?  If you haven’t, I dare you to watch and not feel spectacular in every way (I say spectacular as this is a spectacle).  I love Neil. I can’t get enough of him. My favorite part is just after 6:00, when he says, “Because I promise you all of us up here tonight, we were that kid!” But the whole thing is pretty darn spectacular.  Also, how did he get out of that magic case and to the back of the theater?!






Do you love musicals?  I do.  In college, I did a theater study abroad in London and it was the funnest semester. Our class went to twelve plays together and then wrote about and discussed them.  I fell in love with Shakespeare (although, I did have to fall back on sparknotes pretty frequently– that language is really challenging for me) and I also fell in love with musicals.  I get so excited watching them, and I have obsessed over more than a few.






Here are a few other musical links that consistently make my heart sing, in case you haven’t seen them:

Carpool Karaoke with Michelle Obama

My favorite scene from La La Land

Carpool Karaoke with Lin-Manuel Miranda





Also, as a not-super-important sidenote, know that there have been some fun typos and emojis added to a couple of my posts.  I make an effort to be meticulous in my writing, but evidently my password on here is not very hard to guess, and there have been some words added and taken out in a few places, ha.  Perhaps I should start watching over my blog like a hawk, but until then, just take the emojis and conspicuously missing words with a grain of salt.





Hope you are having a swell weekend!