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Christmas Pictures


Here are my super late Christmas pictures. =D This year’s was fabulously low-key.  Christmas Eve we always go to our cousins’ house, watch the nativity, sing the Twelve Days of Christmas, and jam loudly on our dingers.   And then our Christmas day is pretty standard with a couple of family traditions.  This year we had thought about maybe not doing any presents and just relaxing, but there was a certain member of my family who was very NOT on board with that …. soo we caved and ended up getting presents for each other. That’s the way it goes, right? And there were some good gifts this year, so it’s probably a good thing. Do you like presents? Do you ever find them sort of stressful?

Anyhoo, here are some pictures of our festivities:

This year’s nativity. Starring really cute fraternal twins as Mary & Joseph :).


Christmas day post-church presents distribution.





A Pelican box, a Bosch box, and a new red tablecloth.



A new warm coat for my cute little sister. I love this person a lot.


Books & video camera tripod holders


My brother gave my mom an Alexa and an extension so that it will turn the lights on and off when you say to. My mom’s kind of obsessed with it and I think it put her on a bit of a power trip.


Dinner @ China Chilcano’s in DC. Get the tasting menu!


One more little tidbit of news (is this bragging? … or not..?) is that Ben Carson bought his new house just up from my mom and dad’s and I’ve got my elevator speech all set for when I brush shoulders with my new favorite secretary of housing and urban development!

ha.  just kidding. no speech.

Thanks for reading! 🙂  Hope you’re having a great short week.


Listening is the New Talking



What do you think?  I like the gist of it.  Listening to/empathizing with people with different opinions = good.

Asking thoughtful questions.

Ok I won’t say anything else political!  Hope you’re having a lovely and productive week!