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Harry Potter World and Thanksgiving at the Beach

This year for Thanksgiving we went to the beach with my mom’s side.  We also snuck in a day trip to Harry Potter World.  It was really fun!  Here are some pictures:



She’s the cutest








In line for the tour of the movie sets. Do you like my dad’s multiple cameras and nifty hat ?! 😀


Fearless on the playground.  She had just met Dora the Explorer at this point and was quite pleased with herself.

A live dinosaur behind us, be we aren’t scared! Also, this little man went on Jurassic Park the ride and and he wasn’t scared of that either! Although I was, slightly.  He’s a brave guy.





Bracelet turned headbands

I really like these people. It was a fun time! Apart from the flu that some of us caught.  Harry Potter World and Universal Studios were probably the highlight, as was lunch at the spot and this charming homeless man who cajoled my dad into getting lunch for him. And of course, big family dinners are always great.


Have a great weekend!






A long time ago,  I went up to Yosemite to do the Upper Falls Hike with some friends.  It was gorgeous and I would love to do it again.  Or better yet, Half Dome! We took a lot of breaks to relax and take in the scenery.  It was kind of a tough hike, but the views were spectacular.

Here are some pictures: 


These pictures make me excited for Spring…


Have a great weekend!