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Boston and New York

Last weekend was so fun! Flew across the country to Philly, where my connection got cancelled and I talked my way into a flight to Beantown. Good times finding an AirBnb in the middle of the night. Then shopping and drafting and Wegmans (!) for my first time. I crossed nothing off my list of things to do in Boston, but I did get to see my friend Sarah and then Rachel. Sarah made me the most amazing delicious dinner. And Rachel’s place was so cute and got me excited to decorate. They are both doing so well and I am so glad for that.
Then wedding dinner! So fancy, so fun.
It was buffet style and I got to practice my Spanish with A’s lovely, lovely family. There was a photo booth and we listened to toasts and speeches in both Spanish and English. A’s Dad’s was my fave. So heartfelt and such sweet words he picked. I love that their families have known each other for forever.
Then we stayed at our amazing AirBnb and our hosts made us this incredible breakfast and it was such a treat. Our host used to be Amish and she told us about her escape.
Amherst is an interesting spot, felt very wealthy and sort of preppy liberal. Really pretty.
We spent the morning getting ready and then headed off to the chapel for the beautiful ceremony and then off to the restaurant for the party party. The Spaniards got drunk real fast haha.
Dinner was fantastic and great and then group pictures and then dessert (one of each, don’t mind me), then dance floor, where we tore it up!!! The live band really made the night. They made songs that I didn’t even like so good! Boston Solo.
Then after party. That may have been the highlight for me. Trying to decipher A’s drunken accent and listening to the commentary and getting hit on. So fun.
Next day, New York! Getting stranded in Brooklyn and having to find a new place to sleep (Thanks for saving me Allison). Meeting up with B and eating our way through the city. Eat, eat, eat, eat. cookie shots, burritos, rice pudding, more dessert. No slowing down, no stopping! B knows his way around which is bad for me, because then I don’t pay any attention and just follow. Need to learn my way around.
It was a rainstorm and so we ducked in and out of stores and used dark cloud and gave passers-by updates to the minute, you’re welcome. I live for east coast thunderstorms. That was my one request to the weather gnomes: Give me a good thunderstorm while I’m on the east coast! Could have had more angry thunder, but I still loved it. Then we went to the Oculus station and then Times Square and got ourselves some tickets to Kinky boots which was a swell time. Great music but no plot. How do musicals win Tony’s without a plot?
Then we wandered around a bit more and argued about politics and Michael Bloomberg and then I went home and went to bed. Also of note: warm east coast  nights.  Love them so much.

Next day, Providence, then flight home.

Happy wedding A and A!! xx