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Summer 2014 Backlog


In June we (me + my mom’s side) made a pit stop down in Carpinteria, CA, for our 17th consecutive family reunion. The Pacific is cold! But it was so nice to be with everyone and catch up.





My cousins, boogie boarding.




Headed back East in July and took a road trip to Amber’s house in Cincinnati. We sat on the front two rows of a Nats versus Reds game. Nats lost. ūüôĀ






Back home in Virginia. My sweet aunt, with her twin grand-daughters.


Lunch with Jackie (who now apparently goes by Jacqueline). So great to see you!



Spent a day at Vienna Woods Pool.  I grew up here.


I got to see one of my dearest friends, Lisa, and her new baby daughter. Lisa was my mentor in my first job teaching high school. She is so brilliant and talented and I owe almost every good habit I have to her. And, people usually think that we’re sisters, which I love!



Lisa’s gorgeous home. ¬†I love East Coast architecture.


I love summer and friends and Virginia. ¬†I have another batch, but I’ll have to post them¬†later.


I’m kind of figuring out how I will mesh all of my content and style and such on here. ¬†It’s a work in progress, but the good news is most people don’t care… like at all. hah. ¬†Apologies for the cruddy mis-pixilation on the top few photos. ¬†I’ve got some work to do!

Thanks for reading!